“Upgrade,” “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” and “Adrift” on Spoilerpiece Theatre #203!

Logan Marshall-Green cries out in pain from stabbing his own hand in the sci-fi movie Upgrade.
Logan Marshall-Green stars as Grey, a paraplegic man given a second chance to walk so he can avenge his wife’s death in the sci-fi flick UPGRADE.

In case you forgot, I have a podcast called Spoilerpiece Theatre, co-hosted by the very excellent Kristofer Jenson and the super bodacious Evan Crean.

This week kicks off with a special edition of Riedel’s Crewind, as Evan and I talk WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? (4:12), the Mr. Rogers documentary that has been charming critics and audiences the world over. Next up, Kris talks ADRIFT (14:18), a true story starring Shailene Woodley as a young woman left to fend for herself and her injured partner after a hurricane destroys their boat. It’s a tad uneven, but the sheer physicality of Woodley’s performance and the fascinating focus on just how taxing survival can be. This leads me to quickly recap DEAD CALM (25:08), before Evan and I wrap things up with gritty, violent, and inventive sci-fi flick UPGRADE (31:02).


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